Read what others have to say about Paula Ochs

Jorge Colapinto, LMFT
Faculty, The Minuchin Center for the Family   

Paula Ochs possesses that rare combination of intellectual discipline
and spirited creativity that is key to promote change in others.  Her
ability to zero in on the essence of problem situations, tap on her clients’
underutilized strengths, and push them to grow beyond the constraints
imposed by themselves or others make her a very effective therapist as
well as an invaluable resource to her supervisees.  

Edward Weikert, MSW, LMFT
Clinical Director, Family Service League, Montclair, NJ

In the 20+ years I have worked with Paula, she has always maintained a
devotion and dedication to striving for excellence in the therapeutic
process. This certainly includes her work as a supervisor as well as a
therapist. If you want a supervisor who is knowledgeable, challenging,
devoted, and empathic and dedicated to your development as a
therapist, you should take the opportunity to be supervised by Paula.
This would be a gift to yourself.

Karyn DeBalfo-Ambrosio, MSW, LCSW
Family Therapist; Private Practice

Working in supervision with Paula Ochs for over ten years enriched my
work and honed my skills as a family therapist. The family system is
often quite complex and having the opportunity to be supervised
experientially lends itself to a depth of perspective and perception that
far exceeds case presentation and discussion. On many occasions I
have utilized interventions such as sculpting and role play with families
who were resistant to more conventional methods. The shift is often
dramatic and eye opening to clients, and particularly powerful for
children who can often better show, rather than explain, family issues to
their parents. Chrysalis Supervision is both innovative and
comprehensive. I would recommend Paula Ochs to any colleague who
welcomes a challenge in their supervision with quality results.

Bridget Schirripa MSW, LCSW
Former Group Member

Choosing to join Chrysalis Clinical Supervision was one of the most
enriching and rewarding decisions in my professional development. I
have grown leaps and bounds thanks to this supervision group and I will
be forever grateful for my time spent here. My ability to conceptualize
cases, understand family dynamics, and find creative ways to join with
difficult/resistant clients has improved greatly because of this group.
Paula’s approach is direct and to the point. She challenges the group to
step outside their comfort zones and has a great gift of developing
confidence in new clinicians. Her commitment to this work is undeniable
and I would recommend this group to any clinician looking for both a
challenge and a great opportunity for growth!”

Patricia O'Dell, MSW
Private Practice

Paula is a dedicated and gifted couples and family therapist and
supervisor who is fully committed to the training of future generations of
clinicians.  She provides her trainees with rich clinical opportunities that
facilitate their growth with confidence and ease,  Paula is able to
articulate the nuances of treatment in a manner that enable her trainees
to experience the "aha" moments that are so powerful in clinical work.  
She is a life-long learner who has studied with some of our profession's
most treasured family therapists, both in North America and abroad, and
generously imparts her knowledge, wisdom and skills to others.