Why is family therapy so important and what makes it different from
other forms of psychotherapy?

According to recent research (see the Harvard Grant Study), our
intimate relationships are the single most important factor in our lives.
Warm intimate relationships help us to feel gratified, successful,
happy, and protect us from harm, both physical and emotional. No
matter how anxious, sad, or angry we may become,our intimate
relationships, if they are healthy, can ease the pain andrestore us.
Family therapy recognizes this fact.

Family therapists are trained to understand how intimate relationships
can go awry and are trained to help get them back on track.
Weunderstand that nearly all problems stem from either the lack of
intimacy, toxicity in relationships including many types of violence,
loss, or over-reliance on one or two others for all emotional needs.

I have been working with these principles for over 20 years and have
seen, first hand, that individuals with diagnoses such as depression,
anxiety, PTSD, and OCD have been able to heal significantly by
improving relationships with other important people in their lives such
as parents, husbands, wives, and children.

Where as many psychotherapists use the DSM to diagnosis their
clients, giving them a label that can follow them for a lifetime, family
therapists look at relationships and work to improve them. The DSM
does not look at problems in term of relationships. It assumes that all
problems are "individual" and originate inside the client/patient.

There are many articles, TED talks, books, and films that
demonstrate why family therapy is such an important way of helping
ourselves and our clients.  Here is a sampling:

Happiness Is Other People by Ruth Whittman: https://nyti.ms/2iIoOzO.
This provocative article talks about how research demonstrates our
need for connection with others and our perplexing behavior in

pursuing solitary activities.

Triumphs of Experience by George Vaillant. A wonderful book about
the Harvard Grant Study which over the course of 75 years has
demonstrated that
warm intimate connections are more important
than any other factor in leading a gratifying life!

TED talk by Robert Waldinger:
A short video about the Harvard Grant Study.  Why our connection to
others is the most important factor in leading a successful and
gratifying life.

TED talk by Eleanor Longden:
This wonderful TED talk is about how psychiatry was a terrible
mistake for a young woman who heard voices and how her mother's
love and community saved her.

Read books and articles by Sal Minuchin, Cloe Madanes (especially
"Remembering Our Heritage") Maurizio Andolfi, Carl Whitaker, David
Keith, Peggy Papp.
Why Family Therapy?

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